Did you know I value you as a reader? Why would you take time in your day to read what I got to say? But I am superbly grateful. So grateful that I thought I should honor my readers and let you know I’m unplugging from social media for some time. Turning off notifications and temporarily shutting down my apps because I need to connect with what’s present in my life. I must say that I struggle to share stuff like this, since I tend to move in silence, but I’ll get better at being discreet and vulnerable with a clean and righteous balance. 

 I want to let you know,I’ll be back. If the Most High grants that especially. And I’m sure He will. I do have a lot coming to you. Sweet and cool thoughts, spiritual updates, some new baking fun and much more. 

When I get back, we can share more.

Until then, you stay positive, unlearn as much lies as you can, educate yourself and be free from the mental slavery, disconnect if you have to, to connect with the Most High. You’re entitled to doing all that and more..whatever it takes to become better.


Rachel Nadine

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