DIY Air Freshener


 Why buy febreeze or Glade every so often when mixing the following ingredients is not only saving your bucks, but non-toxic and just as effective:

  1. Rubbing alcohol
  2. Water (filtered preferably)
  3. Essential oil of your choice (I choose lavender because it was what I already had) 

To begin, you’ll need a spray bottle that will allow you to control the mist control. This will determine how you would like the air freshener to disperse from your bottle. 

Be sure to grab your measuring cups (a cup and 1/4 cup)! 

For every cup of water you pour into the bottle, pour 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol and 15 drops of your essential oil. Follow these steps until you fill your bottle to your desired capacity.

Label your bottle so you know from first hand what’s in there! Test it out!l especially after getting some cleaning done sis! 

Some essential oils that would smell great are: peppermint oil, orange oil, rose oil, sweet almond oil and lemon oil!